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Suggestions for scatterchart. one for bug correction and one for improvement

Posted by jari.heinonen  · 04-05-2019 - 06:24


I think this is more like bug since scatterChart does not output correct legends. Only the legend for X-axis is printed but always as 'X values'. See line 81 in CreateScatterChart.php 

Furthermore I would appreciate if both X and Y values could be shown in chart for all XY-points.

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Posted by admin  · 05-05-2019 - 11:55

Edited by admin · 07-05-2019 - 12:19


We move both requests to the dev team to be included in the next release of phpdocx.

Update from the dev team:

If you set showValue and showCategory as truw, both X and Y values will appear in the chart:

'showValue' => true,
'showCategory' => true,