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Issue with bullet list from template
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Posted by marioradu  · 10-06-2019 - 16:03

Hi, I'm using the trial version of phpdocx (I will buy the full version if it meets my requirements).

My issue is the following :

I've generated the word with all the styles from a template, my issue is that the generated document is showing me that a custom style is a paragraph, in the template it's a list, and I can't use it as a list .

Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance ! :)



Posted by admin  · 10-06-2019 - 16:13


Sorry, but we don't know what could be wrong in your script or template. We'd need to check your template and code but the trial package doesn't include this kind of support (the trial package only include support for general questions and doubts).

Please note that Word uses the same OOXML tag for paragraphs and numberings (w:p), but numberings add an additional tag to generate lists. We recommend you to check the API documentation ( and the included samples; if you purchase a license please contact us again and we'll be able to help you.