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What version of word?
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Posted by stemo40  · 03-07-2019 - 13:32

I have phpdocx version 7.5. I was wondering what version of Microsoft Word does it save/convert documents? We have the latest version of Word and whenever we save a document created by phpdocx, it warns us that it will convert it to the latest version of Word, and then the layout is all messed up after it is saved. Does the latest version of phpdocx - version 9 - save documents to the latest verison of Word? Is there a way to mitigate the layout difference with what I currently have?

Thanks in advance.


Posted by admin  · 03-07-2019 - 16:37


phpdocx is compatible with MS 2019 using phpdocx 8.5 and newer ( 

However, the base template included with phpdocx is compatible with all versions of MS Word (MS Word 2003 with compatibility pack, MS Word 2007, MS Word 2010 and all releases up to MS Word 2019), and other DOCX readers (LibreOffice, Google Docs, OpenOffice and others).

MS Word displays the Compatibility mode message automatically based on the base template/DOCX document ( If you want to avoid this message you just need to use to generate a blank DOCX with your current version of MS Word and load it using CreateDocxFromTemplate class.

As you are using an old version of phpdocx (7.5), we recommend you to upgrade to the latest release of phpdocx. After this upgrading, if you send a DOCX sample to contact[at] the dev team will check it to send some tips to get a perfect output.


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