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Docx to html & html to docx - page count increase

Posted by segreen-phpdocx  · 09-07-2019 - 13:06

I need to give option to edit the docx content with in my webpage. So i follow the below step its working fine but page count is increase after save html to docx.

1. TransformDocAdvHTML convert  docx to html

2. Use ckeditor to show the html content in browser for editing

3. Finally use embedHTML method to convert html to docx.


$docx->embedHTML($editor1, array('downloadImages' => true, 'strictWordStyles' => false, 'addDefaultStyles' => false, 'removeLineBreaks' => true));

After edit and save the document file count is increase. (Eg.  Original page count is 5, after edit and save using the below step the new document 6 page.) . Also the page 1 content move to page 2.

Please advice to resolve my problem.

Posted by admin  · 09-07-2019 - 17:54


Sorry, but we don't know what could be wrong. Maybe some extra content/s and style/s are being added by CKEditor? If you send both DOCX (before and after using CKEditor) to contact[at] the dev team will check them.