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Value attribute for ordered list item numbering.
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Posted by macwong  · 15-07-2019 - 15:17


It would be great if support could be added for the "value" attribute for list items in an ordered list so we can start numbering from a specific number. Something like:

<ol><li value="3">Item 3</li><li>Item 4</li></ol>

Would start the item numbering at 3 instead of 1. 

I see there is already support for the start attribute in an ordered list, but unfortunately the HTML comes from other sources like HTML editors, so we can't make those use the ol start attribute instead of the li value attribute.  Hopefully it won't be much of a stretch to support the value attribute.


Posted by admin  · 17-07-2019 - 13:14


We move the request to the dev team.


Posted by macwong  · 19-07-2019 - 16:40

Thank you!