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Embedhtml adds space in table cell

Posted by greGiii  · 18-07-2019 - 12:46

Hi, I have a small anoying issue when in every cell a space is added in front of the content. I tried to create a no CSS table aswell and still the space is present.

PHPdocX 9 version.

simple example:


Posted by admin  · 18-07-2019 - 15:21


Which license are you using? Your username doesn't have any license tied.

We have done some quick tests and everything is working correctly.


Posted by greGiii  · 19-07-2019 - 06:32

I'm currently using the free licence :/. I need to make sure that everything works before we buy and put it on production. 

If this issue wont persist on the bought version then there is no problem :)

Posted by admin  · 19-07-2019 - 15:57


Sorry but the trial package can't be debugged. Maybe could be the same issue than

We recommend you to ignore that extra space. If you purchase a license please contact us again and we'll be able to help you solving the issue.


Posted by greGiii  · 24-07-2019 - 11:09


The embedHTML option removeLineBreaks set to true solved my issue.

Regards, Grega