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Error on generating downloadable document
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Posted by dawenloni  · 26-09-2019 - 19:40

Warning: filesize(): stat failed for ./raf_20190926095835.docx in /www/hosts/ on line 3882

Warning: readfile(./raf_20190926095835.docx): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /www/hosts/ on line 3883


Posted by admin  · 27-09-2019 - 08:10


Please try using PHP CLI mode to check if the document is generated. It seems your server has some problem saving the files, maybe due to some rw access missing or a problem with the temp folder (it can be customized in config/phpdocxconfig.ini).

Also please check the documentation available on about downloading documents.

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Posted by dawenloni  · 14-10-2019 - 23:17

Regarding to " a problem with the temp folder (it can be customized in config/phpdocxconfig.ini). ", which parameter in the ini file could be specified and what value (folder name, etc...) could be used?

Posted by admin  · 15-10-2019 - 06:48


You can set a custom temp folder setting the first option:

; absolute path to the temp dir. If empty the default system tmp directory will be used
temp_path = ""

You can set any existing folder with rw access for the user you are using.

We also recommend you testing the included samples using PHP CLI mode and check your server logs to be able to find the source of your problem with the target folder you are using to save the documents.


Posted by dawenloni  · 15-10-2019 - 21:20

The same codes work in my local pc, but not working in the dev server.

we check the specified fold to save file in the dev server, the permission is 755 already. why it is still not saving the file. is it due to license issue, since it is a trial version.

However, if we could not make it work, we might not be able to get approval to purchase.

Any more suggestion?


Posted by admin  · 16-10-2019 - 07:55


Sorry but we don't know the source of the problem; similar issues always come from missing rw access or problems with the temp folder. We recommend you to test using PHP CLI mode and check your server logs.

All licenses include support for this kind of issues, so we can connect to remote servers to check them, but it's not included when using the trial package.