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One file, two formats (docx and pdf) will the layout be pretty similar.

Posted by didiergm  · 11-10-2019 - 17:24

My application generates reports with tables, bulleted lists, centered paragraphs etc .. from data contained in a postgresql database. Dependingn on the end user, the report will be generated as a docx plus possibly a pdf. Can I be reasonnably certain that both layouts will be very very similar ?


Thanks in advance




Posted by admin  · 11-10-2019 - 18:36


Yes, using an Advanced or a Premium license both documents (DOCX and PDF), will be very very similar (identical in most cases) following just some good practices.


Posted by didiergm  · 12-10-2019 - 04:49

Edited by didiergm · 12-10-2019 - 05:15

Thanks Admin 

This leads to 2 further questions

  1. The "good practices" you mentioned, are they documented somewhere  ? 
  2. when you say that the output will be very similar (if not identical) does this apply regardless of the transformation method ? (I am mostly interested in native PHP method as I develop under Linux but will have to deploy under windows)