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Signpdf() pdf sign does not add image
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Posted by corehighered  · 16-10-2019 - 19:34

I am not able to use the sign function to add an image to a pdf file.  Below is what I am using to try to output a new pdf file with an image.  The file this is output has a working certificate, but the image does not show anywhere.  I have tried default AccessPermission of 2 and tried to force 3, but nothing seems to work and I am not getting any errors.


    'x' => '10',
    'y' => '10',
    'w' => '90',
    'h' => '66',
    'accessPermission' => '3'],[
    'x' => '10',
    'y' => '10',
    'w' => '90',
    'h' => '66',
    'src' => '/var/www/webtemp/image.png']);

Posted by admin  · 16-10-2019 - 20:12


We have replied to your message with the following information:

We have tested it and it's working correctly, please test the included sample DigitalSignature/signPDF/sample_2.php. Could you try using a PNG image?

If you send us the PDF and image you are using we'll test them. What program are you using to open the signed PDF?

Please, use a single way to request support to avoid duplicated messages.