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Block used within a paragraph will work but deletes the paragraph where the tag exists.

Posted by PKF_tech  · 17-10-2019 - 09:58

So I have a $tag********$ inserted into an existing paragraph in a Word template e.g.


This is the existing paragraph $tagblock html inserted% and the rest of the paragraph.


renders as


Content of the tag only.


If I use INLINE the inserted HTML only renders in the basic format but no line breaks etc.

Using the REPLACE variable to achieve the above.

Hope there is a solution to this?




Posted by admin  · 17-10-2019 - 10:10


The replace methods allow doing an inline replacement (keep the content of the paragraph but only inline elements are added) or a block replacement (remove the content of the paragraph keeping all new contents), but they don't allow mixing both.

Using DOCXPath ( and WordFragments you can replace an inline placeholder keeping all new contents (block and inline elements), but this task may require closing the previous block tag (w:p) and opening a new one (before and after the previous placeholder) to avoid generating corrupted documents.

As this may be a complex task, if you open a support ticket ( and attach the template you are using, the dev team will generate a custom script.