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Phpdocx_image issue

Posted by pwctechnicalsecurity  · 19-10-2019 - 22:33

I am using the EmbedHTML functionality. The following works:

<p><img width='660' src='file:///XXX/public/uploads/images/xx.png'></p>

However, the following does not work:

<phpdocx_image width='660' src='file:///XXX/public/uploads/images/xx.png'/>

What am I missing? As I am using Laravel, can I also include images relative to /index.php?
How can I center the image? Setting imageAlign='center' on phpdocx_image did not seem to work.

Posted by admin  · 20-10-2019 - 09:39


We recommend you to check the HTML Extended documentation (

Options for each method are added with custom data attributes. You just need to write the option name after the prefix data-. E.g.: data-bold="true", data-type="start" o data-type="default".

You are not using the attributes correctly, you need to set custom data attributes: data-

In the Premium package (examples/Core/embedHTML/sample_6.php) you can find a sample that illustrates how to use phpdocx_image with a custom align:

<phpdocx_image data-src="../../img/image.png" data-imageAlign="center" data-scaling="50" />


Posted by pwctechnicalsecurity  · 20-10-2019 - 10:42

Spot on! Should work to late on this stuff, concentration goes down the drain.

Thanks for the swift response.