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Footnote index falls on the new line
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Posted by Simon87  · 13-12-2019 - 12:56


Working with phpdocx 9.5, we have html:

<p>Some text <phpdocx_footnote><phpdocx_footnote_textdocument data-text="" /><phpdocx_footnote_textfootnote>footnote text</phpdocx_footnote_textfootnote></phpdocx_footnote> some other text.</p>

And we have index 1 on the new line:

Posted by admin  · 13-12-2019 - 15:30


Please check the included sample Core/embedHTML/sample_8.php that illustrates how to add footnotes from HTML Extended. Your code is not using the correct syntax.


Posted by Simon87  · 18-12-2019 - 14:17

We slightly changed code so that we get markup as in your example:

Result is the same - footnote index falls to new line. What's wrong?

Posted by admin  · 18-12-2019 - 15:10


Sorry that HTML doesn't use the required syntaxis. This is the included sample:

    <p>Here comes the </p>
    <phpdocx_footnote_textdocument data-text="&nbsp;endnote" data-bold="true" />
        <p>Text <em>footnote</em></p>
    <p>&nbsp;and some other text.</p>

As you can check, the contents and tags are in the phpdocx_footnote, and there's no wrapping paragraph (p) tag. Your HTML has contents out of phpdocx_footnote and has a wrapping paragraph, and phpdocx_footnote_textdocument should have a data-text value.


Posted by Simon87  · 21-01-2020 - 11:01

Ok, understood, thinking how we can adapt our code to this structure.