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Row height in table
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Posted by Knutsford  · 17-01-2020 - 18:07

In the heading row of my table the second two headers are vertical but teh height isn't large enought to fit the letters in. How do I make the height big enough to fir it in? Thanks. I tried fitText

Posted by admin  · 17-01-2020 - 18:16


You can use height and minHeight options available in the rowProperties parameter. You can read about these options on the API page ( and a sample using the first one.

The table should fit contents automatically unless some option or style to force them is used. The trial package doesn't include free support for this kind of task, but after purchasing a license you can send a sample code you are running to contact[at] and we'll be able to help you to find the source of the problem and a solution.


Posted by Knutsford  · 17-01-2020 - 19:38

Ah - I had read that but now it makes sense. Sorry it has now clicked. There is an extra nested array for the Row Poperties