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File edit not working
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Posted by dedicatedworkhorse  · 23-01-2020 - 19:21

I have tried numerous ways to test this and the following is always my result.

Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in D:\\include\phpdocx\classes\TransformDocAdvHTML.php on line 3199


It doesn't matter if I use my code or the code that came with the software. Go to D:\\include\phpdocx\examples\FormatConverstion\trasformDocAdvHTML\sample_1.php  or sample_2.php and I get the same error.


Am I doing something wrong?

Posted by admin  · 23-01-2020 - 19:46


What version of PHP are you using? PHP 5.4 or previous?

Although we recommend you to update to a newer version of PHP (5.6 or 7), to fix it with old versions of PHP, please edit classes/TransformDocAdvHTML.php and replace that line (3099):

if ($this->complexField !== null && $this->complexField['type'] == 'FORMTEXT' && !empty(trim($childNode->nodeValue))) {


$childNodeValue = trim($childNode->nodeValue);
if ($this->complexField !== null && $this->complexField['type'] == 'FORMTEXT' && !empty($childNodeValue)) {