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Addimage null error
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Posted by CarlEOgden  · 05-03-2020 - 16:47

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Posted by admin  · 05-03-2020 - 17:19


That error doesn't seem from phpdocx but from the code you are running. As you can check in the error you get:

Call to a member function addImage() on null

This line means that when calling:


$rooms_image is null, not a CreateDocx/CreateDocxFromTemplate object, so you get an error because you can't call addImage from null. We recommend you to check how you are creating the $rooms_image object.


Posted by CarlEOgden  · 05-03-2020 - 18:02


Thanks for the reply, all the variables are set properly and populated but for some reason on some photos, and this is the main issue, we get a null error - but it's something happening within createDocx / addImage.

I think I will have to examine a photo from a non-working call and a working call!

Cheers for now

Posted by admin  · 05-03-2020 - 18:25


If the script returns:

Call to a member function addImage() on null

then $rooms_image in $rooms_image->addImage($image_options); is null, not a CreateDocx/CreateDocxFromTemplate instance. And also, as we can check in the output sent, the error appears in the script you are running:

Call to a member function addImage() on null


If an exception or error is returned by phpdocx, then a phpdocx class appears, not an external script (BrochureHelpers.php).

Maybe your code has a conditional that generates a correct CreateDocx object based on the image (or other condition) and in some cases, the object is not being generated correctly?

phpdocx doesn't throw a null error if an image can't be added, it returns an image error exception.

We recommend you to run the included samples and test addImage standalone with the same images:, so you can find the source of the problem.


Posted by CarlEOgden  · 05-03-2020 - 18:38


Thanks for the info, I've just captured what we are sending to cause this routine to crash and the variables and their values are:

src = ...vhubl-a54be1def8bed4834ed3212e2683a959.jpg
Photo Width = 2048
Photo Height = 1366
height = 197
width = 295
textWrap = 0
imageAlign = left
spacingTop = 0
spacingLeft = 0
spacingRight = 0
spacingBottom = 8

This 'src' file is there (I've done a file_exists() prior to the call and will only work if it does! I've removed some of the url for security reasons!

Also, the variables above "Photo Width/Photo Height" are from the actual photo.

Any ideas if the addImage routine extracts any info from the image?


Posted by admin  · 05-03-2020 - 20:24


phpdocx extracts dpi information from the image if it's not set using the dpi option, and also its size and mime (getimagesize).

Please also note that file_exists PHP function may fail when using an URL:

If you send the image to contact[at] the image, we'll test it using addImage with the same options you are using.


Posted by CarlEOgden  · 06-03-2020 - 08:54

Hi Admin

Thanks for your assistance, it turned out (as I have replaced the previous programmer) that the routine was bug ridden and would of never worked. I've sorted it out and is now working okay.

Once again, thank you as I needed a kick back into my brochurehelpers code and then spotted the mistakes!