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Radar chart incomplete in pdf
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Posted by TimSmith  · 18-03-2020 - 11:20

I inserted a simple radar chart into a docx using the example from this site. 

When I use LibreOffice to convert to PDF the radar chart text from the axies and the key are present, but the chart title and (more importantly) lines and axies are missing. 

Anyone got a solution?

Posted by TimSmith  · 18-03-2020 - 11:25

.. actually to add more information the chart is present when I open the dcoument in Word .. but LibreOffice renders it as it ends up in the PDF. So the problem is actually LibreOffice interpretting the Radar chart.

LibreOffice will display the lines if I select Chart-Type and 'points and lines' so the data is present. 


Posted by admin  · 18-03-2020 - 11:48


What version of LibreOffice are you using? We recommend using the latest release available on to get the best output. If you send the DOCX to contact[at] we can check it, maybe applying some style or property you can force seeing both contents in LibreOffice.


Posted by TimSmith  · 18-03-2020 - 13:33

Thanks to the amazing support team at phpDox I've got a solution. 

The problem was caused because my template document was generated from LibreOffice. When I switch to a template generated in Word the problem goes away.