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Image is incomplete when document is converted to pdf
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Posted by ascendware  · 26-03-2020 - 07:51

Hi, I am creating a file from a template created in word. Output file is created properly in word document format but if it is transformed in PDF, only half of the image is visible.

I am using LibreOffice.

Thank you.

Posted by admin  · 26-03-2020 - 10:19


Please send to contact[at] the DOCX output and we'll check it. Maybe you need to add some style to the image.


Posted by admin  · 26-03-2020 - 12:01


Thanks for sending the requested file. The problem is that you are using a very old version of LibreOffice (4.3), we recommend you to upgrade to the latest release (


Posted by ascendware  · 27-03-2020 - 10:08

Its okay now. Thank you.