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Php sys_get_temp_dir issue
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Posted by New Zeal  · 29-08-2011 - 02:58


This is a fantastic script. Easy to implement and works well. However on our linux server we had a problem with the use of php sys_get_temp_dir() in the createDocx class in which $this->_tempFile was coming back empty. Easily solved by inserting our own temp file solution.

I notice at ( there are one or two comments regarding this:

This function does not account for virtualhost-specific modifications to the temp path and/or open_basedir.

Maybe a different implementation to that in the class would cover more server configs..

Posted by admin  · 11-04-2013 - 12:13


Thanks for the info, we'll check this possible issue. In getTempDir method we check for sys_get_temp_dir function, if it doesn't exist we call getenv.