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How do i get an array of links?
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Posted by bkidd  · 02-05-2020 - 22:42

I've tried using the Indexer class whch returns an array of links for different document parts but the links array is always empty - even though there are links in the template.

Any suggestions?

Posted by admin  · 03-05-2020 - 09:04


The current version of Indexer extract links from w:instrText tags, the current dev branch includes support for w:hyperlink tags in rels contents too.

This new feature is ready to be used. What package are you using? Classic or namespaces package? the dev team will send you the new class to your e-mail.


Posted by bkidd  · 03-05-2020 - 09:35

I just purchased the premium version on April 30.  Yes, please send to me.  Thank you.

Posted by admin  · 03-05-2020 - 09:52


Which package are you using? Classic or namespaces package? On MY PHPDOCX, Advanced and Premium licenses have two packages available: classic and namespaces, we need to know which one are you using to send the correct class.


Posted by bkidd  · 03-05-2020 - 09:59

Sorry, I'm using the namespaced premium version in a Laravel application.  Thanks.

Posted by admin  · 03-05-2020 - 10:13


Please check your e-mail address.