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Columns setting after converted to pdf
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Posted by kobbe  · 29-05-2020 - 07:29

We are using CreateDocxFromTemplate to open a docx, modify it and then create it with createDocx.
To create a PDF file we use transformDocument with libreoffice.

There is two issues we can not figure out.

In PDF the "A. Lorem" is all underlined, in the docx only "Lorem" is.

Looks like a setting is activated that makes column equal height in the PDF, in docx they are not.
We found a way to get equal height in word files also (by adding "continous section break" in end of file), but in this case we do not want it.

Example files:
Original docx -
Docx created via phpdocx (looks same as original):
PDF file created from the phpdocx file:

Posted by admin  · 29-05-2020 - 09:19


We have checked the documents. The problem is you are using a very old version of LibreOffice (4.3) to transform the documents, please update to the latest release ( Both issues will be solved after doing the update; we have checked both DOCX using LibreOffice 6 and the transformation is correct.


Posted by kobbe  · 02-06-2020 - 10:45

We upgraded server and now got version 5.2.7. It fixed both problems, so great! Thank you! =)

Found another issue, when transformed to PDF it seem to loose Hyphenation setting that we set to Automatic. If you need example word and pdf files then just say. :)

Posted by admin  · 02-06-2020 - 12:17


Please send both files to contact[at] to be checked. We also recommend you to use the latest release of LibreOffice (6), LibreOffice 5.2 was launched about four years ago and many improvements have been done since then.