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Insert image stream with embedhtml
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Posted by hotspot22  · 22-07-2020 - 12:38


I have a problem with inserting image streams into my docx when using url get parameter.

The following with direct url to image file is working correctly:

$docx = new CreateDocx();
$html = '<img src="">';

Also this block with referencing a php file is working fine:

$docx = new CreateDocx();
$html = '<img src="">';

In my test example the content of my image.php is:

echo file_get_contents('/images/test.png');

But now my problem comes with this code:

$docx = new CreateDocx();
$html = '<img src="">'; // adding ?id=123

My image.php is not changed and should output my test image.

I've only added the get parameter id=123 to the url and with this change, the image is no longer shown in the document. Instead there is only a border with a red cross in the upper left corner and an error message saying that the image can't be displayed.

?????? Any suggestions?


Posted by hotspot22  · 23-07-2020 - 05:20

It's 9.5 Premium.

Adding a questionmark to the end of the image url causes the image not beeing displayed in the docx.

Using a RewriteRule ^image/(.*)$ image.php?id=$1 to insert my image by ...

$docx = new CreateDocx();
$html = '<img src="">';

... is also working.

That's confusing...

Posted by admin  · 23-07-2020 - 08:43


phpdcx parses the URL to be able to get the image type, using exif_imagetype when no extension is found as it's the case of stream images.

We have run the internal tests and all cases return the correct output. Although using a URL such as /image/123 is a good alternative, if you are using a public URL, please send it to contact[at] and we'll test it. We have also moved the topic to the dev team to do more tests.


Posted by hotspot22  · 23-07-2020 - 09:42

Running exif_imagetype for the url with parameters returns 3 which stands for IMAGETYPE_PNG and this is correct.

Sent you an email with the concrete url.

Posted by skilltran  · 28-08-2020 - 21:59

I'm having the exact same issue, adding a image using query strings won't display on generated file docx. Any update on this would be helpfull.


Posted by admin  · 29-08-2020 - 07:41


The current beta package of phpdocx includes an extra check when adding stream images without extensions with embedHTML. Please send to contact[at] the version of phpdocx and if you are using the classic or namespaces package, we'll send you the updated class; if you also send a URL sample you are using we'll check it before sending the class.