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Errorexception : phpdocx\elements\createproperties::createproperties(): unterminated entity
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Posted by vpratfr  · 26-07-2020 - 07:42

// Following results in Exception
// ErrorException : Phpdocx\Elements\CreateProperties::createProperties(): unterminated entity 
// reference  co.

        $docx = new CreateDocx();
            'title'          => "John & co.",
            'creator'        => "John & co.",
            'lastModifiedBy' => "John & co.",
            'description'    => "John & co.",

// Following results in a warning when opening the Word document (some unreadable content has been 
// found...). If we recover the document it is fine, but of course we don't want to give such a 
// document to our customers

        $docx = new CreateDocx();
            'title'          => htmlentities("John & co."),
            'creator'        => htmlentities("John & co."),
            'lastModifiedBy' => htmlentities("John & co."),
            'description'    => htmlentities("John & co."),

The above code causes issues, and we could not find a way to get around it. How do we put special characters in document properties?

Posted by vpratfr  · 26-07-2020 - 07:47

Seems to work with htmlspecialchars

Sorry, false alarm.