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Change font-size for document
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Posted by lyudmila_456  · 13-08-2020 - 15:04

Hi. I've seriously issue. Uses a basic version 6.5.
I create a document from a template and for the default sizes this works. But I had to resize (modifyPageLayout) the page to small sizes 1200px x 700px (used custom option). My template has a big font size for text. How I can change font size for all content? Now I see result as 5 empty pages insteead 2 and without content. Thanks! 

Posted by admin  · 13-08-2020 - 15:45


Changing font sizes on-the-fly of existing documents depends on how they are set.

If they are set using only the default style, you can use setDefaultFont ( or setDocumentDefaultStyles ( setDocumentDefaultStyles is available since phpdocx 8.0, we recommend you to upgrade your license to be able to use this method.

If font sizes are set as custom styles or run-of-content styles, then you need to use DOCXCustomizer (, but it's only available in Premium licenses.