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Format conversion to pdf doesn't take care of mathml/omml?
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Posted by squido75  · 18-08-2020 - 10:08

I have HTML in my database which has MathML, and I queried it to create DOCX.  Using variables, I am able to use addMathEquation and replaceVariableByWordFragment to include the equations into the DOCX. createDocx is successful.

Then I also need a PDF version, so I run it through transformDocument. However, the equations disappeared from the PDF.

I have tried using "native" and "libreoffice" types, same issue.

I then tried using Dompdf, but no improvment.

How do I code it so that maths equations are visible correctly in the PDF?

Posted by admin  · 18-08-2020 - 10:54


The conversion plugin based on LibreOffice supports transforming equations to PDF. Maybe you are using an old version of LibreOffice or setting some style that makes them disappear? Please send a DOCX sample to contact[at] and we'll check it.