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Urls are not working in pdf (text box/cell)
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Posted by anilkumar  · 07-09-2020 - 07:36


I am using some urls in text field of word docx, but when I convert word to pdf using "transformPdf". The links are trucating when i hover the mouse on the link.

Issue in detail: the links look fine but when I place mouse over the link it show/redirect me to the truncated link. Furthermore, when i performed some sort of testing then I found out that, if the text field(text box/cell in word docx) is small and link scattered over 4-5 lines, then if I mouse over the link, PDF is only considering 1 or 2 lines of link that's why it feel trucated. 

But when I expanded the text field (box/cell) so that the link should be on the one line only. then it worked fine, it showed me full and redirected me to the specified correct link.

I can provide you both PDF documents, but I'm not seeing any field to attach or upload them.

Note: I'm using advanced package.


Posted by admin  · 07-09-2020 - 07:52


There's no known issue when working with links and transforming DOCX to PDF.

Please send to contact[at] the username or email of the user that has purchased the license you are using, the DOCX you are transforming and the PDF you get.


Posted by admin  · 08-09-2020 - 14:20


Thanks for sending the requested documents. We have checked them and the problem is that LibreOffice needs a character style (rStyle) when the link is truncated in a cell table.

If you are using addLink (standalone or add as a WordFragment) you can set a character style (w:rStyle, such as DefaultParagraphFontPHPDOCX  included in phpdocx or a custom one using createCharacterStyle) running:

$linkOptions = array(
    'url'=> '',
    'rStyle' => 'DefaultParagraphFontPHPDOCX'
$docx->addLink('Link with a custom character style', $linkOptions);

Adding a custom character style to the link, the hyperlink will appear correctly when transforming the DOCX to PDF a truncate text inside a cell table. HTML to DOCX also allows setting a custom character style to contents.