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Devision by zero in line 51
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Posted by CarlEOgden  · 13-10-2020 - 07:13


I couldn't find any other posts stating this error, but when we try to create a docx, sometimes an image makes an exception:-


array:1 [
  "e" => Exception {#2290
    #message: "Division by zero"
    #code: 0
    #file: "/mnt/storage/standout/public_html/dev/public/phpdocx/classes/PhpdocxLogger.php"
    #line: 51
    trace: {
      /mnt/storage/standout/public_html/dev/public/phpdocx/classes/PhpdocxLogger.php:51 {
        PhpdocxLogger::logger($message, $level) …
        › if ($level == 'fatal') {    throw new Exception($message);}


But all the values in the image are greater than zero, in fact they are ["Width"]=> int(2048) ["Height"]=> int(1366) and we  force the image width to be 295.

The code is:

$image_options = [
'height' => ($room_photograph->Height / $room_photograph->Width) * $image_width,
'src' => $room_photograph->MediaURL,
'imageAlign' => 'center',
'textWrap' => 0,
'width' => $image_width,


Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance

Posted by admin  · 13-10-2020 - 08:39


The only case where phpdocx could return that exception when adding an image is if the image doesn't have a dpi or it's set as 0, but it should return the following exception: There was an error adding the image. In this case you can set a custom dpi using the dpi option.

If you send to contact[at] an image that illustrates your issue, we'll check it.


Posted by CarlEOgden  · 13-10-2020 - 11:52


Thanks for your reply, using Preview of the image, the DPI is 96.

Kind regards

Posted by CarlEOgden  · 13-10-2020 - 11:58


I've added 'dpi' => 96, when creating the image and this has now resolved the issue and my routine is working without crashing.

Thank you for your help