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New bulkprocessing and getdocuments sets returndocxstructure to false
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Posted by michael.stubenvoll  · 27-10-2020 - 08:34


i am little big curious why the initalizing of a new BulkProcessing and the execution of the getDocuments method, causes returnDocxStructure to be set to false. Is this on purpose? I didn´t expected that and I was confused why the following mergeDocx always saved my files to disk.



Posted by admin  · 27-10-2020 - 09:46


BlukProcessing works with CreateDocx::$returnDocxStructure internally, setting it as true and false to load the template as in-memory document automatically and work with WordFragments. After using that class, if you need to keep using in-memory documents you need to set it again:

CreateDocx::$returnDocxStructure = true;

We move the request to the dev team to keep the initial value if it was already set as true.