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Createdocxfromtemplate central header and footer image not showing
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Posted by Exorion  · 04-11-2020 - 14:26

Hi guys!

CreateDocxFromTemplate central part pf header and footer image not showing, how i can implement template with all header and footer?

Posted by Exorion  · 04-11-2020 - 15:52

I have image in header and fotter on full width, but then i make a createdocxfromtemplate - i have it cutted (no center part of image) - only text - but no image - i have such template - if i use createfromtemplate and save - i have cutted center part

Posted by admin  · 04-11-2020 - 16:37


CreateDocxFromTemplate doesn't do any change to the template unless some method is called. What code are you running after opening the template with CreateDocxFromTemplate?


Posted by Exorion  · 04-11-2020 - 18:34

Yes, you right - i get this after transformDocument - i convert docx to pdf and i get this situation. In docx everything is fine! Any ideas how i can convert it to pdf without such problem?

Posted by admin  · 04-11-2020 - 18:38


What conversion plugin method are you using to transform the document?

Please send both files (DOCX and PDF) to contact[at] so we can check them.


Posted by Exorion  · 04-11-2020 - 19:58

Docx and Pdf version sended

Posted by admin  · 04-11-2020 - 20:07


Thanks for sending the requested documents.

The problem is that your server is using a very old LibreOffice (5.2). As explained on the documentation pages, we recommend using the latest version available on Using a newer release the PDF output is correct.