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Domnode::insertbefore(): document fragment is empty
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Posted by neukanri  · 12-11-2020 - 06:43

I use phpdocx 10 premium.

I make a word using a template.
The following warning is given in replaceVariableHTML.
DOMNode:: insertBefore(): Document Fragment is empty

I make a word from HTML.
The options are as follows.
'customListStyles' => true,
'strictWordStyles' => true,
'disableWrapValue' => true,
'removeLineBreaks' => true,
'wordStyles' => array
  '.listA' => 'listA'

Warning seems to be over a list when I do not appoint a class at making.

What is the method of preventing you from giving warning?

※The warning was not given in phpdocx9.

Posted by admin  · 12-11-2020 - 07:40


Please post (or send to contact[at] the most simple code that illustrates your issue and if you are using the classic or namespaces package, so we can test it. Also post the full output of DOMNode:: insertBefore(): Document Fragment is empty (including the line that returns the warning).

The problem seems you are mixing HTML that contains custom list styles and standard lists, so you may get a warning when trying to mix them in the same embedHTML call. The next release of phpdocx will include a minor check to prevent this warning when using custom list styles and standard lists in the same HTML; if the line is the same we'll post it in this same thread so you can apply it to your current version.


Posted by neukanri  · 13-11-2020 - 04:19

sample program send to you

pls confirm it

Posted by admin  · 13-11-2020 - 07:09


Thanks for sending the requested code. The issue in your script is the one explained in our previous reply. You are mixing a HTML with two list types: one that applies a custom list style and other without it. To avoid the warning, please apply the following minor change that will be added to the next release of phpdocx:

  • Edit CreateDocx.php (classes folder using the classic package).
  • Go to the embedHTML method, and around line 5539 of the classic package, you'll find the following line:
$this->_wordNumberingT = $this->importSingleNumbering($this->_wordNumberingT, self::$customLists[$value['name']]['wordML'], $value['id'], $abstractNumId, true);

You need to replace it by:

if (isset(self::$customLists[$value['name']]['wordML'])) {
    $this->_wordNumberingT = $this->importSingleNumbering($this->_wordNumberingT, self::$customLists[$value['name']]['wordML'], $value['id'], $abstractNumId, true);

After this minor change the warning will disappear and you can use both style types (custom and auto generated) in the same HTML.


Posted by neukanri  · 13-11-2020 - 08:23

I confirmed that there was no problem.

Thank you very much.