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Createliststyle "follow number with" setting
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Posted by neukanri  · 18-11-2020 - 08:17

By the adjustment of the indent on the list, I can choose "Follow number with" by a drop-down.

It becomes by default "Tab character", I want to set it in "Space", is it possible?

Posted by admin  · 18-11-2020 - 10:49


The following option will be included in the next release of phpdocx for createListStyle method:

'suff' (string) level suffix: tab, space or nothing

It's already available in the current testing branch but it's only available for users with an active LUS. We recommend you to purchase LUS to your license ( so you can download new features not available in the current stable branch. If you purchase the LUS please send an email to contact[at] and we'll send you the updated class.


Posted by neukanri  · 19-11-2020 - 00:07

I sent an email.

Is there not the correspondence method except the above?

Can it be settled by the setting of the template?

Posted by admin  · 19-11-2020 - 06:16


You can import and use a list style from an existing DOCX using importListStyle. Please check the included samples in the package.