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How to create heading with formatstyles in embedhtml?
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Posted by Robin  · 24-11-2020 - 09:55


I am trying to convert a HTML to DocX with embedHTML(). That works correctly!

But how can I convert a header-HTML Tag to a header in DocX with a headinglevel so that it was recognized as header that it can be displayed in the table of contents.

With regards


Posted by admin  · 24-11-2020 - 10:01


What version and license of phpdocx are you using?


Posted by Robin  · 24-11-2020 - 10:03

I am currently using the the latest trial version to test my application.

If everything works fine, I want to buy the Basic license.

Posted by admin  · 24-11-2020 - 10:11


Using a Basic, a Trial or an Advanced package, HTML contents can be added to TOC using heading tags (h1, h2...) or a custom paragraph style. On you can read more information about adding contents to TOC.

Adding a header/footer to a DOCX from HTML using a header/footer tag is only available in Premium licenses using HTML Extended (

HTMLExtended::$tagsBlock['header'] = 'addHeader';
HTMLExtended::$tagsBlock['footer'] = 'addFooter';

$html = '
            p {font-style: italic;}
            p.header {font-size: 20px; font-weight: bold;}
            div.footer {font-size: 10px;}
    <header data-type="default">
        <p class="header">
            Custom header <strong>with strong style</strong>
    <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.</p>
        <div class="footer">
            <table border="1" style="border-collapse: collapse" width="600">
                        <td width="300">Cell A</td>
                        <td width="300"><img src="image.png" width="35" height="35" style="vertical-align: -15px"></p></td>

$docx->embedHTML($html, array('useHTMLExtended' => true));

All licenses can also use replaceVariableByHTML to replace contents by HTML in templates and use addHeader/addFooter to add headers/footers with contents such as text, images, tables, HTML and others.


Posted by Robin  · 07-12-2020 - 15:41

Thank you for your response.

I've tried it with 

$docx->addText('This is a text', array('bold' => true, 'headingLevel' => 1));

but the formarting style doesn't appears.

I would like to have the marked headingLevel. Is this possible?


Posted by admin  · 07-12-2020 - 16:24


The headingLevel option sets the paragraph as heading (w:outlineLvl tag in the DOCX). If you want to apply also a heading style you need to set the pStyle option available in the same method.

Methods such as addHeading or embedHTML using heading tags (h1, h2, h3...) adds heading paragraphs with a custom paragraph style by default. The custom paragraph style applied can be the default ones included in phpdocx, generated from scratch using the API methods (, or imported from a template.


Posted by Robin  · 14-12-2020 - 15:22

$docx->addText('Contents',array('pStyle' => 'Heading1'));

Thank you for your response.

Also with pStyle, it doesn't apply a heading style.

Posted by admin  · 14-12-2020 - 15:47


If you run

$docx->addText('Contents',array('pStyle' => 'Heading1'));

and you don't get a custom paragraph style applied to that content is because your DOCX doesn't include that style name (Heading1). Please test and run the included sample Core/addTableContents/sample_2.php that applies custom paragraph styles included in the default template of phpdocx, for example:

$docx->addText('Chapter 1', array('pStyle' => 'Heading1PHPDOCX'));

If you don't know the name of the style/s you want to apply, you can get them using importStyles ( On you can read the practical guide about using styles with phpdocx.