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Hidden test from docx (w:vanish) is visible when converted to html or pdf
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Posted by kateryna.kholodtsova  · 03-12-2020 - 01:09



We are doing conversion from DOCX to PDF or HTML.

One of the issues we are facing is that hidden text (with v:vanish tag) is being visible in both HTML and PDF (see example XML from the document.xml below).

Could you please advice how this can be fixed?

This is critical for our project.


<w:rFonts w:ascii="Arial" w:hAnsi="Arial" w:eastAsia="Arial" w:cs="Arial"/>
<w:lang w:val="en-CA"/>
<w:color w:val="FF0000"/>
<w:sz w:val="20"/>
<w:szCs w:val="20"/>
<w:vanish w:val="1"/>
<w:t xml:space="preserve">
Some hidden text

Explanation about what is vashin and how it can be created:

Posted by admin  · 03-12-2020 - 06:20


As replied by email in the same message sent to contact[at], the w:vanish tag isn't supported in the current version of DOCX to HTML/PDF. Please send by email if you are using the classic or namespaces package and we'll send the class updated to support it.

To avoid duplicated request (this topic and the email), we has closed this topic.