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Mb_convert_encoding message with the demo
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Posted by naresh  · 25-01-2021 - 09:46

getting the below error when downoading html to word document . what could be the issue?


mb_convert_encoding(): Unable to detect character encoding in file /vendor/phpdocx/classes/DOMPDF_lib.php on line 2609

Posted by admin  · 25-01-2021 - 10:11


As explained on the documentation pages, phpdocx requires adding UTF8 contents. If non UTF8 contents are added, the library tries to transform them to UTF8 using mb_ functions from PHP.

It seems your content can't be detected automatically to be transformed to UTF8 (maybe it's mixing charsets). You can convert them to UTF8 using utf8_encode from PHP before adding it:

$html_encoded = utf8_encode($html);