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Split docx by page
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Posted by LucasSpl  · 19-02-2021 - 11:16


Is it possible to split a docx per page ?
I tried it with the sections and DOCXPathUtilities but impossible to get there


I'm using Premium 11

Posted by admin  · 19-02-2021 - 11:38


splitDocx available in DOCXPathUtilitles allows to split a DOCX per section, but not by page. There's no method in the current stable version to split a DOCX by page.


Posted by LucasSpl  · 19-02-2021 - 12:43

Is there a way to create one section per existing page? addSection seems hazardous
I want to split a existing 3 pages docx


Posted by admin  · 19-02-2021 - 14:17


Internally, DOCX documents work with sections, not pages. A section may fill one or more pages or even less than a page (several sections may fill one page). How many pages have a section is unknown until the DOCX is opened using a DOCX reader (in some cases, distinct DOCX readers may show more or less pages for the same DOCX depending on the contents).

Unfortunately, a DOCX doesn't include a specific tag or content to set a page, only sections. You can do page breaks (addBreak method) and section breaks (addSection method) if needed to separate contents; the previous methods add OOXML tags that can be queried, added, changed, removed...


Posted by LucasSpl  · 19-02-2021 - 14:59

oh... it's annoying

thanks !