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Error mergedocx
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Posted by organizzazione  · 08-03-2021 - 11:11

I have a problem with the MergeDocx. In the original doc I have a numeric list while in the final document of the MergeDocx method a different list comes out
  1. A....;
  2. R......;
  3. T.......


it becomes

Article I.A.......;

Article II.R.....;

Article III.T.........


I have installed PHPDocx 11.0 Premium and i use this code:

            $merge = new \MultiMerge();
            $merge->mergeDocx($firstDoc, $arrayDocs, $fileFullPathDocx, array(
                'mergeType' => 1,
                'lineBreaks' => 2

Any suggestions?

Thank you




Posted by admin  · 08-03-2021 - 11:28


Maybe the DOCX is using a style name that requires setting the enforceSectionPageBreak option as true (we recommend you to enable this option in mergeDocx and try again) or it uses a not supported style. The current testing version of phpdocx includes some improvements when working with mixed numbering styles in custom paragraph styles. Please send to contact[at] both documents and if you are using the classic or namespaces package, and we'll test them using the current testing version of mergeDocx; if they use some not supported style we'll add support and send the class updated.


p.s. we have removed the email from you username account, so it won't appear in the forum.

Posted by organizzazione  · 08-03-2021 - 13:39


I tried with the parameter enforceSectionPageBreak set true but it has no effect. I sent you an email with the docx.

Posted by admin  · 08-03-2021 - 14:48


UPDATE: phpdocx 13.5 added support for this specific style when merging documents.

Thanks for sending the requested documents. The issue is a not supported style when applying override numberings that appear multiple times with the same ID; the current testing branch of phpdocx includes support for this case (all users with the latest version of phpdocx can request this update to add support for this specific case sending an email to contact[at]

We have sent to your email the updated class.