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Multiple docx documents in a zip file
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Posted by pwctechnicalsecurity  · 25-03-2021 - 14:50


We have a Premium license of PhpDocX. I am curious whether it is possible to create multiple DocX documents in a stream setting and have all of these documents combined in one Zip archive. I have noticed the ZipStream concept, but that does not seem to be fully applicable. Is there some working example available or could you provide such a quick snippet?

Ambition is to have multiple documents in a Zip without them touching the filesystem.

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Posted by admin  · 25-03-2021 - 17:11


phpdocx Premium licenses can generate a DOCX as a stream using the included ZipStream class, but this class doesn't allow adding streams to generate a new ZIP file that includes them (ZipStream uses gzcompress that doesn't allow adding streams/objects). phpdocx doesn't include a class to generate a ZIP stream that include DOCX streams.

PHP ZipArchive doesn't support adding streams (only files and strings), so an external library or tool should be used.  Maybe ZipStream-PHP ( is a good solution, you can generate DOCX streams using phpdocx and using that library you could generate a new ZIP from these strings. Or you can use a RAM disk ( to avoid generating the DOCX in the filesystem.