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Docx with comments and tranformdocument or transformdocadvpdf or transformdocadvdompdf
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Posted by Bardehle  · 02-04-2021 - 07:57


I'm usind PHPDOCX 10 Premium and would like to transform an existing docx with comments to PDF.
I tried TranformDocument, TransformDocAdvPDF and TransformDocAdvDOMPDF but in all cases I only have "[COMMENT x]" (x = number 1,....) "links" in the generated PDF. These "[COMMENT x]" links are blue and underlined but do not have any action. 

My code:

$outfile = 'test.pdf';
$infile = 'test.docx';

require_once 'CreateDocx.php';
require_once 'dompdf/';
$dompdf = new Dompdf\Dompdf();

$transform = new TransformDocAdvDOMPDF($infile);



$outfile = 'test.pdf';
$infile = 'test.docx';

require_once 'CreateDocx.php';
$docx = new \CreateDocx();

$docx->transformDocument($infile, $outfile, 'native', array('stream' => false));

Am I missing anything?

Thank you


Posted by admin  · 02-04-2021 - 08:46


Comments are not supported in the native conversion plugin ( Supported OOXML tags and attributes when using the native method section), we recommend you using the libreoffice conversion plugin. In the docs folder included in the package you can find how to include the comments to the PDF margins if needed.

phpdocx 12 supports adding comments, footnotes and endnotes at the end of the document using the native conversion plugin.