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How to merge "password encrypted" pdf document
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Posted by Lucas  · 13-05-2021 - 18:43

I have a pdf document that shows as "password encrypted" by OSX under its security label. Since I can open the document without a password I imagine a more accurate description would be RO password protected. When I try to merge this document using phpdocx with another pdf document (no protection) I get the following error; TCPDF_PARSER ERROR: decodeFilterFlateDecode: invalid code. GhostScript is however able to merge the two documents without issue. Is there a way to merge the documents using phpdocx?

Posted by admin  · 13-05-2021 - 19:15


encrypted/protected PDF documents can't be merged using the current version of phpdocx. Please check the information available on about this limitation. Using gs or pdftocairo those encrypted/protected PDF documents can be repaired.

Merging protected PDF documents in mergePdf is a work in progress that is not ready to be used in production.