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Problem with href using external file links and embedhtml when transforming to pdf
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Posted by vrietz  · 09-06-2021 - 10:10


I'm trying to add links in my document that opens other files, like this:

$docx->embedHTML('<a href="'.$filename.'" target="_blank">'.$val.'</a>', array('baseURL'=>"./annex/"));

It works fine in a DOCX, but when I transform the document into a PDF the link becomes url encoded (like this: "%2Fannex%2F") and doesn't open.

I also noticed that it doesn't happen when the path contains an accent. For example: 

$docx->embedHTML('<a href="'.$filename.'" target="_blank">'.$val.'</a>', array('baseURL'=>"./annèx/"));
$docx->embedHTML('<a href="é'.$filename.'" target="_blank">'.$val.'</a>', array('baseURL'=>"./annex/"));

edit: the accent are misinterpreted in the code snippet

I don't understand what is happening.

I'm using phpdocx 7.5.

Can you help me ?



Posted by admin  · 09-06-2021 - 10:35


You may need to apply a character style to the link content to generate the PDF link correctly using the conversion plugin based on LibreOffice. Please check the documentation available on phpdocx 11 adds a custom character style to links automatically, but previous versions require adding them using the wordStyles option.

If you send to contact[at] a DOCX sample we'll check it. As your username doesn't have a license tied, also please send the username or email of the user that purchased the license you are using.