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Posted by s.montanarella  · 24-06-2021 - 08:21


I've difficulties to show correctly some images inside the docx file.

In my html I've this:

<img src="/documents/VersUploadManuals/839/myimg.jpg" alt="test" width="650">

This image is 650 pixel at 96dpi, converted in cm is 17cm (more or less).

The default scale settings inside phpdocx is 100% but when I open the resulting docx the image is scaled to 76%. If I changed it manually to 100%  the image has the correct dimension inside the docx.

If I try to inserti the images directly from file system the results i correct.

Am I missing some parameters?

Thank you again!


Posted by s.montanarella  · 24-06-2021 - 09:29

Thanks for all suggestions, but in this case the is simply inserted in a Normal paragraph at ful width, no table or other elements.
I use the advanced license so I can't user HTML extended.

However it's seems only a problem of scaling. I check all your link and if the problem persist I will open a ticket!