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Issue with page numbering
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Posted by hotspot22  · 09-07-2021 - 10:02


I'm using a DOCX with 7 pages. These pages include some template blocks that will be removed if necessary so at the end there are 4 pages left.

The page numbering is shown in the footer as "Page X of Y". And I've activated that the first page has different header and footer than the other pages.

The issue: When openig the generated DOCX, the first page shows "1 of 7", the following pages show correct "X of 4". When transforming this document to PDF with phpdocx 9.5 premium & LibreOffice it's the other way around. The first page shows correct "1 of 4" and the following pages show "X of 7".

Any ideas why this is happening and how to solve? 

Posted by admin  · 09-07-2021 - 11:25


Maybe the server is using an old version of LibreOffice or the documents use some property not supported in phpdocx 9.5?

We need to check the documents. Please send the DOCX that illustrates your issue to contact[at] and the PDF you get, so we can check them.