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Word output corruption :why
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Posted by smaubian  · 18-11-2011 - 10:21

Good morning,

I'm working on a template integration. I'm not responsible of the template, i have a team in charge of building templates that provide them to me and i just need to do the integration part.

Very often when i receive their template is is not working with phpdocx. the document is generated but when i open it in word, Word says "there is an error in the document" and then open it but updating items (and i don't always know what it does).

I found that cleaning up the file in word2k7 "Office"=>"Prepare"=>"Inspect Document" is fixing the issues in most cases.

I'm wondering why this is happening. Before getting through phpdocx the template works find. When adding the template to a phpdocx document and replacing variables, in some cases phpdocx "corrupt" the result.

I think of 2 possibilities :

1- The phpdocx parser is missing some configurations
2- The Word opendocument implementation is crap

Are you aware of those issues with corrupted documents and are you updating your solution to better support the DOCX output ?

Posted by admin  · 11-04-2013 - 12:13


After changing a word, not clearing but removing a part of it and writting a new one, Word adds some unwanted tags. Phpdocx should clean them, but maybe it's failing.

Please open a template and on document.xml look for the placeholder. If it has tags (like $V<tag></tag>AR$) just remove them before running phpdocx.

Regards. Jorge.