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Merge docx
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Posted by geofhoch  · 18-10-2021 - 13:13


Is it possible to merge two docx without the header but with the footer of the first document ?


Posted by admin  · 18-10-2021 - 13:20


The mergeDocx method doesn't include an option to remove specific headers/footers (only to keep or not the sections to be merged).

You can remove headers/footers before merging the documents. You can use removeHeaders/removeFooters to remove headers and footers, or DOCXPath (removeWordContent) to remove specific contents in a DOCX.


Posted by geofhoch  · 18-10-2021 - 14:38

Thank you for your reply.

But i want to remove header only on the last page of document. Is it possible to remove the header on a specific page ? (I want to keep the pagination of the footer)

Posted by admin  · 18-10-2021 - 15:07


Internally, DOCX documents work with section not pages. A section can include headers and footers (default, first and even); and each section can fill one or more pages (or even a page can has more than one section) when the document is opened (using MS Word, LibreOffice, OneOffice, Google Docs...).

You can use removeWordContent to remove specific contents in a DOCX, for example the existing headers in a specific section.