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Merge pdf documents
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Posted by nschrevel  · 29-03-2022 - 10:00


We are trying to merge two PDF with PHPDOCX 12.5  :

$merge = new MultiMerge();
$merge->mergePdf([$headerPdf, $clientPdf], $outputPdf);

But we have an error :

Warning: Illegal string offset 'Parent'

$clientPDF has been clean up by pdfcairo
$headerPdf is created by PDPDocx

Both files can be open with Acrobat Reader without error.

We are using PHP 7.4



Posted by admin  · 29-03-2022 - 11:23


Please send to contact[at] both PDF files so we can check and test them.


Posted by nschrevel  · 29-03-2022 - 11:27


Looks like our second "PDF" was invalid (the one created with transformDocument) we created another one and merge wroked !

Sorry for the noise.