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Cannot get template variables
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Posted by php_spacewell  · 22-04-2022 - 13:05


I have created and object using "


and supplied the template file to it.

After some processing replaced some table contents using "replaceTableVariable" function and saved the file.

Now in my above replacement some of table variable is again replaced with new image tags.

Now I want to fetch those newly created tags but Its not happening.


Posted by admin  · 22-04-2022 - 14:21


Please try using the processTemplate method ( after loading a template:

$docx = new CreateDocxFromTemplate('document.docx');

We have done some tests generating and loading multiple DOCX in the same script (using and not using the processTemplate method) and everything is working correctly in all cases.

For further support, please send to contact[at] the most simple code and template that illustrate your issue (without doing external connections such as databases or web services) and we'll check them, maybe there's some issue in the code you are running.