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Watermark only shows up at odd pages.

Posted by skwirrel  · 24-05-2022 - 08:23

How to get it to show up on all pages?

$docxutil = new DocxUtilities();
$source = $file_path;
$target = $file_path;
$docxutil->watermarkDocx($source, $target, 'text', $options = ['text' => 'CONCEPT', 'add_vshapetype_tag' => true, 'width' => 550]);


Posted by admin  · 24-05-2022 - 09:29


By default, watermarkDocx adds watermarks to all pages. Maybe the section in your DOCX is set to display headers or footers only in odd pages? In a DOCX, a watermark is added to headers/footers.

Please check and run the samples included in the package. If you send your DOCX to contact[at] we'll check and test it.


Posted by skwirrel  · 25-05-2022 - 08:28

I forgot to give a default header to the odd pages, that was indeed the fault.

Thank you.