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How can i delete a last blank page in docx or pdf?
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Posted by axiante  · 09-08-2022 - 14:58


i have a word file, with placeholders and then with conversion plugin I create a pdf.

In the last page of the template there is a block that can be fully replaced with no content in some cases, then i have a last blank page at the end of the file.

How can i remove this extra blank page?


Ps. I have Premium licenses

Posted by admin  · 09-08-2022 - 16:00


You can delete pages in PDF files using removePagesPdf (

DOCX documents don't work as PDF documents; in a DOCX document the contents are 'painted' (displayed) dynamically. DOCX documents work with sections that include contents that generate pages (for this reason the exact output of a DOCX depends on the program used to open it).

Using phpdocx you can remove contents in a DOCX using removeWordContent ( With removeWordContent you can remove all contents of the last page knowing which contents you need/want to remove (including the section tag if needed to avoid generating the blank page).

If you send to contact[at] a DOCX sample we'll generate and send a sample script to illustrate how to remove the contents of its last page using phpdocx (so the last page won't appear).