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Bullet points find and replace

Posted by usman-mani6  · 15-08-2022 - 09:05

Hi Everyone,

I need to know that if i do a search like find and replace on phpcocx file then my bullet points are not being replaced. Other then that all other words from rest of docx files are replaced is there any way i can find and replace bellet points 

Posted by admin  · 15-08-2022 - 10:13


Sorry, but we don't understand your question. If you need to replace placeholders you can use the template methods available in the library (
If you need to customize the bullet points of an existing list you need to use DOCXCustomizer (

If you post more information we'll be able to provide further help.


Posted by usman-mani6  · 15-08-2022 - 11:41

I am doing find and replace on a file which is working fine but the bullet points are not replacing in the find and replace all other words without bullet points replaced but the bullet points are not being replaced. 
I need to know if there is any way to replace bullet points in find and replace.


Posted by admin  · 15-08-2022 - 11:54


Please send to contact[at] a DOCX sample that contains the bullet points you are trying to replace and the phpdocx method you are using to replace contents.