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License configuration for local, stage, acceptance, and production
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Posted by nylontechnology  · 27-09-2022 - 22:32


As part of our devops workflow there's a significant QA and Acceptance process for feature/bug releases.

So, we have this workflow:

http://dev.local (publically available, unique IP) (publically available, unique IP) (publically available, unique IP)

How do we handle licenses for Stage, Accept, and Production (www)?


Posted by admin  · 28-09-2022 - 05:15


The same license can be used for development on localhost and private networks (classes A, B and C) and can be installed on one server for production/public use. Other servers publically available require their own licenses.

If your sub/domains are not available on the same server or they don't use the same domain name, you need at least two licenses:

  • A license for development and production environments.
  • A license for stage and accept environments (if both environments use the same domain name, the subdomain can be different).

SaaS and PaaS require specific licenses.

If you send us an email to contact[at] with the exact domain names we can provide further support.


Posted by Almaza211  · 17-11-2022 - 11:52

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