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License configuration for local, stage, acceptance, and production

Posted by nylontechnology  · 27-09-2022 - 22:32


As part of our devops workflow there's a significant QA and Acceptance process for feature/bug releases.

So, we have this workflow:

http://dev.local (publically available, unique IP) (publically available, unique IP) (publically available, unique IP)

How do we handle licenses for Stage, Accept, and Production (www)?


Posted by admin  · 28-09-2022 - 05:15


The same license can be used for development on localhost and private networks (classes A, B and C) and can be installed on one server for production/public use. Other servers publically available require their own licenses.

If your sub/domains are not available on the same server or they don't use the same domain name, you need at least two licenses:

  • A license for development and production environments.
  • A license for stage and accept environments (if both environments use the same domain name, the subdomain can be different).

If you send us an email to contact[at] with the exact domain names we can provide further support.


Posted by Almaza211  · 17-11-2022 - 11:52

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