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How do apply styles to converted mathml (via embedhtml)
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Posted by rjharrison  · 18-10-2022 - 11:34

I use embedHTML to insert some MathML markup. This converts to an equation in the docx, but the font size is small. How am I able to target this element to apply a style that increases the text size? 

I'm guessing DOCXCustomizer should be able to do this somehow, but the documentation is not clear on how I would target the equation specifically.


Posted by admin  · 18-10-2022 - 12:36


The current stable version of phpdocx doesn't allow applying styles to MathML tags when importing HTML:

This tag doesn't include additional attributes or styles.

DOCXCustomizer or DOCXPath should be used using the current stable release of phpdocx.
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Posted by peteruser1  · 29-10-2022 - 16:38

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